A Holistic Approach

HolisticI keep mentioning a Holistic Approach to Business so I thought I should offer at least a basic explanation of what I mean.
As I often do I will start with a Question.
How many lives do you have?
A Personal Life, A Home Life, A Family Life, A Work Life, A Business Life, A Private Life, A Secret Life!

We all tend to arrange our lives into neat little compartments, it is actually a fairly effective strategy for dealing with the ups and downs of life. However, by doing this can we inadvertently create problems.
Decisions that we make and actions that we take in order to manage one aspect of our life affect all the other areas. Obvious? Yes, but how often do we consider this when making those decisions? Probably not often enough. When you think about the fact that your decisions affect not just yourself but all of the people who are part of or involved in your life it is no wonder that sometimes there are unintended consequences.
When you think carefully about how your decisions and actions affect not only all aspects of your own life but also the lives of others, you start to get a bigger picture. You may come to realise that what you think is best for you in the short term is not the best thing for those who are a part of your life and may not be the best thing for you in the long term.
I am not going to go into examples of how this works but I do ask you to spend some time thinking about it.
Extending this principle of a Holistic Approach into the way we do Business can produce some absolutely amazing results. It can turn Competitors into Associates and willing Partners, Suppliers into Supporters, Employees and Contractors into loyal friends, Customers into Salesmen and Ambassadors for your Company, enemies into Friends and Detractors into Ardent Fans.
How does it work?
I will be revealing more of the principles and processes that make these amazing results possible and applying them to specific situations in future posts but to be honest there is nothing that you could not work out for yourself if you think hard enough.
In the meantime, Don’t forget the reason you are here at my Blog.

You want to make money using the Internet.
The Holistic Principles are just a way of helping you to do that.

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To your Health. Wealth and Happiness.