Tony 2Hi
My name is Tony Fairminer.
I don’t come from a privileged background, I went to a normal State Secondary School, although I must say that they had some very good teachers. At the age of seventeen I joined the British Army and went to their Apprentice College in Harrogate. There I qualified as an Electrical, Electronic and Telecoms Engineer so I guess you could say I’m a bit techie. I now live in a small village in Hampshire England with my wife and grown up son. I have two Daughters, one lives locally with her husband and two children, the other lives in Brussels with her partner.
I served a total of ten years in the British Army as a Telecoms Engineer where I also learned to Ski and Canoe to competition standard and to drink Beer to Olympic Standard. (occupational hazard)
When I left the army I did a number of different jobs including building Gaming Machines, operating a Power Press in an Engineering Works, heaving six by four sheets of half inch steel into the press kept me pretty fit! Managing an assembly line in a factory building Electric Motors and as a Purchasing Executive sourcing and buying Electronic Components. Eventually I decided to set up my own business.
I chose the Fire Protection industry and specialised in Fire Alarm Systems. This went well and there was a constant supply of customers who appreciated my skill and expertise. The downside was that there was a lot of travelling involved and I was getting tired of driving in excess of 50,000 Miles a year, so a couple of years ago I decided to drastically reduce my customer base. I now have just a few local clients and life is a bit more relaxed.
Having made that decision, I looked around for a Business that I could run from my desk without having to go out and visit clients if I did not want to. I did some research and the best choice for me was to use the skills and knowledge that I had gained during my career and become a Business and Marketing Consultant specialising in Internet Marketing.
It took me three years to learn Electronics, it has taken me two years to learn Internet Marketing, of the two I would say that Internet Marketing is more complicated.
I have finally started to make some money using the Internet (which is the whole point of the exercise) Now I am ready to share my skills and knowledge with you and help you along the same path that I have travelled. In that process you will help me to make more money and in return I will educate and assist you to make your own money. That is the way it works in this industry in case no-one has told you that before.
I have a policy of total honesty with my clients, in the short term this does not always earn me as much money as I would like but in the longer term I earn your respect and loyalty which is a far greater benefit to both of us. I suggest you adopt the same policy.
Looking forward to a long and profitable relationship.
Best Wishes