Affiliate Marketing-presentation is all important.

Affiliate Marketing JugglerHow you present your Affiliate Marketing offer makes a huge difference to your sales.

Whatever stage you are at in your Internet Marketing career you will probably want to try Affiliate Marketing. All you need to do is send potential buyers to the product owners page via your affiliate link, they do the rest and send you your commission when the customer buys. Sounds easy! So let me introduce you to just one of the potential problems that you will encounter, in another post we will explore other problems.

The problem we are going to explore today is COMPETITION.

When you sell a product as an Affiliate you are trying to sell the same product as hundreds, possibly thousands, of other affiliates so why should a potential customer buy from you. OK you have a list of subscribers that you can present your offer to but they most likely subscribe to several other lists. The same applies to any other method you use to present your offer; everyone is going to see the same offer presented by a lot of different affiliates.

Imagine if you can that you are at a Street Market. It is a long street and there are stalls the whole length of the street as far as the eye can see. One thing is a bit odd. All the stalls are selling exactly the same thing, Plain White China Plates.

There are a few people about and occasionally someone will stop at a stall and buy a few plates. Then you notice that a bit further along quite a crowd has gathered in front of one of the stalls. You decide to go and see what’s going on. When you get there you discover that the stall holder is juggling with his plates! They fly through the air like magic he is picking them up from one pile with his right hand catching them with his left hand and putting them back on a second pile. Sometimes he will drop one and he comments “oops there goes another one.” The audience laughs.

At the end of his act he picks up the pile and holds it out to one of the audience, “here you are darling, a Tenner the lot” The lady hands over her money and takes the plates but as she takes them she drops one. Quick as a flash the stallholder says. “Oh! Bad luck madam here, have another one with my complements. No, have two in case it happens again! The audience smiles, the lady goes away happy as she walks away he calls after her “If you break another one when you get home bring the bits back next week and I will give you a new one.” By now people are queuing up to hand over their Tenner’s.

Remember this street we will be coming back here quite often.

When you embark on an Affiliate Marketing project you can learn a lot from the Juggler

Let’s examine what the Plate Juggler is doing. He is

  • Attracting attention.
  • Holding on to his audience with his banter and juggling skills.
  • Showing that he is a normal human being when he drops the occasional plate.
  • Making a call to action
  • Over Delivering.
  • Offering an after sales service.

No wonder he is selling a lot of plates!

One way you can implement a lot of the above techniques is by using a Promotional Video. They don’t need to be expensive. Take a look at this!

To your success