Amazon Affiliate how to Increase your Earnings


You can earn a lot of money as an Amazon Affiliate.

However, it’s not as easy as some would have you believe.If you think that you can just post a link and earn money, think again. Here are five ways you can boost your earnings.

1 Start with a Traffic Strategy.

When you consider that the average pay out from Amazon is just 6% of the selling price you will quickly realise that you need a lot of sales to make a decent income, even if you are promoting high value products.  It follows then, that you are going to need a lot of traffic. If you don’ have a clear idea of how you are going to get targeted traffic your efforts in building a sales page will be wasted.

2 Offer a range of products.

Promote a range of products with a central theme. Don’t just concentrate on one single product. If you are targeting a particular niche ensure that your products are relevant to that market. The number of products you offer depends on how you are presenting them. If you have set up a dedicated site or page it can be quite a lot but be careful not to confuse the visitors with a big jumble of items, try to categorise them. If you are using a blog post six to ten is plenty.

3 Be Open and Honest.

Do not try to pass off Products as your own, you don’t need to mark each and every product as an affiliate link but somewhere on your page you should let people know that you are promoting the products as an Amazon Affiliate. You could make a bold statement at the top of your page, such as “I have searched Amazon for products that I think you will find useful and have collected them for you here via my Affiliate Account.” Or you could put a small disclaimer at the bottom of the page stating that the links are displayed in connection with your Amazon Affiliate membership. It all depends on how you want your page to look. Whichever way you decide to do it you must try to show your readers that you are honest and transparent.

One more point. Never Ever substitute a link to a different product or worse still a sales page for something else. This is Trickery and will lose you business and reputation very quickly.

4 Add links to other non-Amazon products.

You could include links to other affiliate programs that are related to the products you are promoting. Make sure that they are identified as such, you could, for example, add a caption like “Here is a link to another product that I promote. You may find it interesting.” Check the Product Vendors’ conditions first, some do not like combining with other products.

5 Look at the Statistics

The Amazon Affiliate Program gives you the ability to track your sales using their statistics facility. Concentrate on what is selling and don’t waste time trying to promote what is not. Google Analytics also offers a free tracking service. To quote Lord Sugar “Smell What Sells” and sell some more of it.

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I have also put together a little Goldmine of Free Information about the Amazon program. You can find it  HERE.