Are Affiliates in Demand?

Is there a demand for affiliate marketers today?

Yes, there most certainly is and it is Huge. However, one challenge faced by the affiliate marketing industry is that of Image.

It has been around for a long time, Affiliate Marketers were once known as “Commission Only Salespeople” No Sale–No Money. This eventually gave the Industry a bad name. Some Salespeople would say or do anything to get a sale. This resulted in many upset or disappointed Customers and the vendors were faced with a lot of refunds and the consequences of a bad reputation.

On the other hand some unscrupulous Vendors, most notably in the Insurance Industry, would recruit anybody and everybody and promise them big earnings. Knowing full well that many would not sell anything and go away disappointed and disillusioned.

Moving forward to today. You may not be surprised to know that Nothing has changed.

The Moral of this is be careful and learn as much as you can about the industry before you get in too deep!

Having said all that here is a Video with a little more positive tone.

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