Decisions Decisions!

DecideHave you ever been in a sales situation where you have heard what the Salesperson has to say and are genuinely interested in the product? You are at the point of ordering when they say “Great, it comes in three models, the Starter, the Standard and the Professional. They are all the same price at the moment as part of a special offer so which one would you like?” After a few moments thought you say “The Professional sounds good but is it the same size as the others?”
“It can be; it depends on how it’s configured. Do you want the Foot Controls, The Hand Controls or the Automatic version?” Says the Seller.
At this point you say. “I really need to think about it, please leave me all the information and I will get back to you.”
Getting up to leave the Seller says “Oh! And by the way it comes in a choice of five colours and with or without a matching dust cover”
A few minutes later you sit back and think. “Actually what is it that I need, what model, what configuration, what colour? I don’t know. I didn’t realise it was going to be so difficult!”
In the end you go and buy a similar item from the shop down the road, it is from a different manufacturer but it will do the same job. It is just so much easier. Pay your money, have it delivered job done!
The Salesperson made one fatal mistake. Too much choice.
If you offer potential customers too much choice they will most likely walk away from the sale. Choice creates uncertainty. Uncertainty creates doubt. Doubt creates fear. Fear says run away. In some cases, fear may say Stand and Fight. Who wants an adversarial Client?
This is the first rule of the Holistic Business Method. Find out what the Customer wants and sell it to them. Sell them no more and no less.
The time for the Upsell, the Cross Sell, The Down sell, the Add-ons, the Alternatives, the Relationship Building and all the other things that go to make a successful Business Transaction is AFTER the initial sale is completed and the client has handed over the Money.
By buying from you the customer has demonstrated a Commitment. Provided your Product lives up to their expectations they will be happy to continue buying from you.
Notice I said “Their Expectations” not “Your Product Description” Another aspect of the Holistic Approach but more of that another day.

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