Make money It’s your duty.

So! Having deOn Dutycided to set up an Online Business and make money it is time to take a good look at what you are doing and why.

Starting and operating an Online Business is a lot quicker and, once you have learned the techniques, easier than setting up a Bricks and Mortar Business. Hopefully you have decided to follow your Passion, Skill or Interest in deciding what to sell and that money is not your main motivator. Once things start to take off, you have finally started to make money and things are going quite well. How do you feel about this?

Just in case you are still undecided about how you are going make money online here are a few ideas to get your imagination working.

Maybe you are thinking “that was easy, I don’t know what I was worried about, I could do it again if I wanted and probably will.” Overheads are low, profit margins are high and, once you understand the process, sales are more or less automatic.

Don’t you feel just a little bit guilty about making all this money so easily?

Well Don’t.

Once you have started in Business you have a duty to make money and create profits. You have a duty to yourself, your family, your employees or contractors, your suppliers, your customers and your country.

  • You and your family have an income and security.
  • Your employees and contractors have work and income.
  • Your Suppliers have Sales and can build their Business.
  • Your Customers have Warranties and product support
  • Your Country has Tax revenue.
  • In short, you are creating wealth.

If you fail to make money the opposite is true and it is not only you that loses. Everybody loses.

So follow these Ten Rules:

  1. Pursue your Passion or Interest.
  2. Use your Skills and Knowledge.
  3. Sell a useful and worthwhile Product.
  4. Be Honest and Ethical in all your activities.
  5. Attend to the needs of your Customers.
  6. Respect your Workforce and Suppliers.
  7. Be true to yourself and stick to your beliefs.
  8. Re-invest some of your profits to build your Business.
  9. Keep an open mind to new ideas and innovations.
  10. Focus on what you do best.

There are of course many more rules and concepts you need to take on board in order to succeed but if you follow the Ten Rules you will already have a big advantage over most of the competition.

Here is one more concept that can transform you and your Business almost overnight.

1.Remember, you are not in the Business of “Selling Widgets”

2.You are in the Business of creating a Business that sells widgets.

Think about it! If you can’t see the difference between 1 and 2 you probably need my Consultancy Service.


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To your Health. Wealth and Happiness.