I am Not a Salesperson

SalesmanI am not a Salesperson.
I have heard this so many times from people who want to start their own business. They have a good Product or Idea. They have the necessary Skills and Knowledge. They have the Start-up Capital. But they are afraid to take that first step of actually starting their Business because they know that to succeed they have to get people to buy the Product. Quite correctly they understand that unless you have a large start-up fund and can afford to hire people straight away you need to do everything yourself. Incorrectly however, they believe that in order to make sales you need to be a Professional Salesperson.

This is what I say to them.

Do you have confidence in your product and believe that it will be of genuine benefit to whoever buys it?
Do you have in depth knowledge of your Product, can explain it in Layman’s Terms and answer any question that the potential buyer may ask about it?
Can you talk about your Product with energy and enthusiasm?
Can you accept a yes or a no from your Prospective Customer with equanimity and not show too much elation or disappointment whatever the outcome?

If you can answer yes to those four questions, then you are a salesperson.
You can go out and present your product with confidence and you will achieve some sales. You are better qualified that most so called Professional Salespeople and have the added advantage that you are presenting your own product. Many potential customers will like the fact that they are talking to the Head Person and that you do not need to go away and “Ask your Boss” if the deal you have done is OK.
There is only one Sales Technique you should learn in order to increase your success rate and that is. Knowing When to Stop Talking!
You need to do this in two ways. Firstly, pause in your presentation to give the Client a chance to absorb what you have said and ask any questions, if necessary say to them “do you have any questions so far?” Try to do this two or three times during the presentation or more often if you think it is necessary.
Secondly, If the Client gives any indication that they want to buy, Stop Selling and Start Negotiating. Say something like “That’s Great what sort of deal did you have in mind?”
Remember Selling is not a contest or a confrontation with the Buyer. It is interaction and communication. Do at least as much listening as you do talking.
More on my Holistic Sales Techniques for today’s world in future Posts