Why do Internet Marketers neglect their Blogs?

Why dNeglected Blogso Internet Marketers neglect their Blogs?

We all start off with High Hopes, Good Intentions and a lot of Enthusiasm. Somebody told you that all Marketers need  Blogs, that they should be the focal point of all your Marketing, that they can produce a lot of traffic which you can then direct to your Offers.

Great, you thought, I just need to set up a Blog and riches will follow automatically!

So off you go:

Choose your Niche, and maybe a sub-niche.

Choose a Platform. Quite a lot of choice. Most people end up with WordPress.

Self-Hosted or S.A.A.S.? Self-Hosted gives you more options. Go for that.

Oh! Better get a Domain Name and Hosting.

Install WordPress, that‘s the best platform for Blogs.

Choose a Theme. Free or Paid?

Install some Plugins. Which ones do you need?

I never knew Blogs were so difficult!

You have never done this before so there is a bit of a learning curve but after a week or two of work you are finally.


Start Posting. You have lots of ideas and a lot to say about your subject, after all it is something you are very interested in (isn’t it?)

Before you know it, you have fifteen or twenty posts up. Time to use Adsense and “Monetise” Hooray!

Google gives instructions on how to set it all up BUT, the instructions are for people who already know what they are doing. Another two weeks of effort and learning.

Never mind, keep on posting but where is the traffic and the money?

It’s about now you realise that it is not as simple as you thought, or more likely, as simple as some self-professed Guru told you it was.

Not only do you have to write Posts, you need to get people to look at them.

So off we go again


Blog Commenting.

Guest Blogging.

Getting Back links.

Article Submitting.

Facebook Posting

You may even be tempted to buy some fancy software and instructions that teaches you how to get traffic in 47 seconds.

Please Please Please do not do that.

If you are reading this Post you will know how to contact me. Talk to me first, free of charge, before buying stuff like that.

How about you buy some traffic just to give you a Kickstart?

Where or who are you going to buy it from? Will it be real people or Bots.? Will it be any good? i.e. will the visitors be interested in my posts? Am I paying a fair price?

Do some research and decide.

Then there finally comes a time when things start to happen, and you are getting some Visitors.

Great! you say, “It has taken six months to get here I can finally start to Sell Stuff.”

Aah! just a minute you have been so busy getting the Blog working you don’t actually have anything ready to sell.

Quick… What can I sell?

My own Product of course. That’s always the best thing to sell Only one problem. I put the product development on hold for a couple of weeks while I was setting up the Blog. It’s going to take another six months to finish it. I need some Money now!

Next best thing? Affiliate Marketing. Never tried it before but they tell me it’s quick and easy. Do some research. Wow! Most sensible Vendors will wait anything from 30 to 90 days before they pay a new affiliate, if they decide to take you on at all. Then there’s the preparation before you even stand a chance of making a sale. Squeeze pages. Pre- Sales Pages, Video presentations, Bonuses.

Here we go again. Another lengthy process, another few months of work.

Which brings us to the reason why most Bloggers neglect their Blogs

They are too busy doing all the other stuff.

Of course, we all know the answer to the problem. Get some help and have a Structured Plan

More about that that in another Post.

In the meantime start to learn about Blogging. This is Interesting.

Or if you want the whole Video Course go HERE

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