Is it Ethical?

Dream1Last night I had a strange dream; I was buying a Product on JV Zoo. (Do all Internet Marketers have these sort of dreams? What a sad bunch we must be!) The product was a piece of software and a Dongle that made it possible to understand what Dogs are saying. The upsell was an add on that made it able to work under water so I could understand what Fish were saying. That’s when I woke up so I will never know what the High Ticket Item was, I would guess at “Lifetime Membership of the Doctor Doolittle Academy.”

Then I started to think. Was the dream so very different from some of the Products and Pitches that we see every day?

Once we are engaged in a Sales Process i.e. in a Sales Funnel do we stop to think about or analyse the Product on offer? Is it Practical? Is it Workable? Do I need it? Will it pay for Itself? Is it Value for Money? Can I afford it?

Hands up anyone who can say “Yes! I always analyse the offer in front of me and make a sensible, balanced, reasonable Business decision about whether to buy it.”

Or do we drift through the process as if in a dream? If we do, then the Product Vendor has done a good job! They have used all the Psychological Techniques at their disposal to try to ensure that we buy the Product and all the Upsells without giving it a lot of thought.

This brings me to today’s big question. Is it ethical to use sophisticated Psychological Techniques to achieve more Sales?

My personal answer is this, if you can answer yes to all the following questions, then it is ethical:

  • Is it a Genuine Product that the Buyer can use in a practical way? For example, a piece of software that can be used to create and manage a list of Links would be a Genuine Product. A plain list of links to your or other people’s products would not.
  • Does the Product match the description on the Sales Page?
  • Can it be used by an average Buyer whose skills and abilities may be less that yours?
  • Are the techniques and actions advocated by the Product all legal, responsible and ethical?
  • Can the Product be used “As Sold” without any further additional purchase to make it work?
  • Does it come with an unconditional guarantee?
  • Is there a system in place that makes it simple for Buyers to claim under the Guarantee?

You have tried to ensure that the Buyer is getting a worthwhile Product and given them a way out of the transaction if they decide later that they do not want it.

Two valuable advantages for you, if you adopt this approach are, Less Chargebacks and a Loyal Customer who is not afraid to buy from you again.

Far more valuable that a quick Profit!

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