My Business is Your Business

Started with NothingSo far I have talked about a variety of topics to do with Business and Internet Marketing. You may be wondering what this Blog is all about. “where is this guy coming from?” you may be asking. More importantly, “what can this person do for me and my Business? Read on to find out!

When I first became interested in Internet Marketing I thought to myself, “what do I have that I can contribute to the Internet Marketing Community?” My primary Qualifications and Skills are in the field of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, but I am not a Programmer and I do not think there would be a high demand for instructions on how to fiddle around inside a Computer.

So I started thinking about what other Skills and Abilities I could offer that would help people to develop their Online Business and also earn me a decent income.

The answer was not long in coming. My other main asset is, an in depth knowledge and over forty years of experience in starting, running and managing Businesses.

My analysis of the I.M. scene at the moment is that it is. Fragmented, Chaotic, Confusing, Complicated and Over Competitive. There are a few Major Players who have built proper, viable, long term Businesses but most aspiring Marketers are not building any sort of Business let alone a long term, viable one.

I think there is a need for an experienced and knowledgeable Consultant, Coach and Mentor with access to all the Training Material and Information necessary for people to build a proper Business and make a success of it.

Some of my Business concepts and methods are a little unconventional which means that I have a unique Product and you will have a Unique Opportunity to build and grow your Business.

The Title of this Post is “My Business is Your Business” in other words I am in the business of helping you to start, grow and develop your own Online Business. A good place to start is by Checking this Blog regularly. You will find lots of Information and Insights into the world of Internet Marketing. If you sign up to my Newsletter you will receive a lot more Information, Tips, Software, Advice and help to get started. All of it Free! I will also share with you, information about the Programs and Software that I have personally used to help build my Online Business.

To your Health, Wealth and Happiness


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