On The Wagon

BandwagonNo I am not giving up Beer! Did you know it was only recently that Russia re-classified Beer as an alcoholic drink? Until then it was classed as a soft drink. How a Product is classified can dramatically affect its sales, but that is not what I am going to talk about today.
I am talking about the Bandwagon.
I once had a Salesman, a very good one actually, who brought me in a lot of prestigious clients. He had a favourite saying which was “If you see a Bandwagon going past don’t jump on it, you should have been driving it.”
If you translate this into the world of Internet Marketing it looks like this:
Someone identifies a Hot Niche or an upcoming trend and decides that it is worth developing a Product to fulfil a need in that Market. One of the ways they market their product is through Affiliates. You decide that it is a product worth selling and promote it to your list. Fine, if you get it right you can make quite a lot of money but it is not your product you are jumping on someone else’s Bandwagon.
So what about PLR? You may ask. That can become my own Product. Yes, it can but consider what you need to do to make it your own Product. You need to substantially Re-write it, change the Title, Change the graphics and possibly many other things according to the type of product. You also need to consider why the vendor is offering PLR for this Product. The main possibilities are these:

The Vendor has already made their money from the Product, sales are starting to drop off and they want to squeeze a bit more money from it.
The Niche is starting to go out of demand and the returns do not justify the cost of marketing it.
It is a mediocre Product and the Vendor could not make enough money from it, maybe someone else can do better with it.
It is a product created specifically for the PLR Market (which is fairly hot at the moment!) in which case you are going to need to be quite creative to make it stand out from all the other versions of the same product which hundreds, possibly thousands are marketing.

What you are doing is buying a second hand Bandwagon, giving it a new lick of paint, done some running repairs then driving it off through the Internet Marketing world. You can probably get some affiliates jumping on and stand a good chance of making more money than you would with an affiliate program. But that is not where the real money is.
Don’t get me wrong I actually like the concept of PLR Products and have many myself. They are a good option when you are first starting out and do not have the skills and resources to develop your own product. There are also ways of using them to boost your earnings throughout your Internet Marketing career. Just remember, as with buying any second hand vehicle, be careful. You do not always get a good bargain.
So! The real money? Build your own Bandwagon. Your very own, custom built, specially designed, painted in your own colours, Turbocharged, Jet Propelled Vehicle. Then drive it yourself!
Oh! Of course you also need to learn to drive.
What do you think I mean by that? Comments below please.

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