One Hundred Percent Proof

DodgerThat’s a strong drink and pretty hard to swallow! So is a lot of the stuff that Internet Marketers offer as proof of why you should buy their product. Let’s examine them one at a time.
Proof of Income.
We have all seen the Screenshots of Bank Statements, Pay Pal Statements, Clickbank Statements and so on. Any sensitive information is obscured so you can only see the figures and impressive figures they are too. Do you believe them? What if the figures are from a trusted vendor from whom you have bought products in the past? You are pretty sure they are honest and are inclined to accept the figures. From the vendor’s point of view, he wants to present the best possible case for buying the Product. So maybe what you are looking at is his best month ever! If the previous month and subsequent months are terrible, he is not going to show you those is he?
If the vendor is not honest how easy is it to fake the screen shots? Very easy indeed. I have little book that I use as a Motivational Tool to remind me of my Goals, it contains pictures of the house I want, the car I want and so on. One of the pictures is of a Bank Statement of mine, it shows a balance of One Million Pounds! I took a genuine Bank Statement and created that document in about ten minutes using a simple free graphics program. What I am trying to say is “Don’t trust this kind of evidence unless there is something else to back it up.”
Personally I do not use proof of income in my sales material. What I earn is between me, my Accountant and The Revenue.
We see them all the time.

“Thanks Tony, great product I made $2000. 00 in the first week! I’ll Be Back for more”
A.S. (California)

Completely Un-verifiable and an insult to your intelligence. You are not going to get people to allow you to publish their complete name and address but an effective Testimonial must have a full name, not just initials and at least one of the following.
An Email Address
A link to their Social Media Profile
A link to their Website
Otherwise just ignore it if you are buying and just don’t do it if you are selling.
The Statement.
“This Software brought me in $12973.37 in the first month.”
This precise figure is supposed to make it more believable! It’s such an accurate figure it must be true. Sorry, “pull the other one”.
If you ask me “How much money have you got in your Wallet?” am I going to say “Well actually it’s £54.47” or “Don’t know, about fifty quid I think”. This of course depends on what time of the evening you ask me. Towards the end it might be “About 2p and a Trolley Token.”
So Today’s Message is this.
As a Buyer: Treat everything you read with a healthy dose of scepticism.
As a Seller: Think very carefully about how you try to establish Trust and Credibility with your potential Customer.

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