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I am Learning Programming

Why, you may ask, do you want to be a Programmer?

The answer is, I don’t! but I do want to know at least the basics of Programming.

I am learning it for the same reason that I learned about Bookkeeping, Accounting, Employment Law, Computer Graphics, Sales, Marketing, and all the other hundred and one disciplines that go with owning and running a Business.

I have no intention of doing it all myself but I know that at some point I will need the services of experts and I will need to make sure that I am doing the best for me and my Business.

This is especially true for Internet Marketing where outsourcing is often the only practical way to get things done properly and within a reasonable timescale.

When I employ or contract someone I want to be able to “speak their language”. If I ask someone to do something it is more efficient if I ask for something that is possible for them to do. It is also important to understand what they are telling me concerning what they are doing and the progress they are making. When choosing an expert, I am better able to assess their competence, ability and experience. I will also have a better idea of whether I am paying the correct price for their services.

We are all human, in spite of what my wife says about me, and sometimes things do not go right. When this happens good old Human Nature steps in and distorts things. If an employee has made a mistake they will probably try and cover it up, at least temporarily while they try to correct things. The result is often a sub-standard outcome. A contractor will probably work out a solution and sell it to you as an extra! If you have an understanding of their trade or discipline you can often identify problems early thereby saving time, money and getting a better result.

We can’t know everything but if you know enough to be able to ask the right questions and understand the answers, if you can make informed decisions and ensure that those decisions are implemented, if you can earn the trust and respect of your workforce by demonstrating that you have an understanding of “their world”. You have a better chance of being the owner of a viable, sustainable, professional Business and have a good advantage over your competition.

This is one of the principles of my Holistic Business Method, it works for me!

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