Sales or Marketing?

Market Stall 1It is surprising how many people trying to make money on the Internet do not know the difference between Sales and Marketing. Even some professional Business People are a bit confused about this. As with many disciplines that are related there are some grey areas where the two meet but for the most part they are completely separate activities.
The definition that I personally like is:
Is what you do to find or create a Product and get a potential customer to take a look at it.
Is what you do to actually get the customer to buy the Product.
Simple! Well actually no it is not. Both Marketing and Sales are fairly complicated processes that require planning, research, organisation, testing and training.
In a “Bricks and Mortar” Business it is expensive, time consuming, often inaccurate and with a substantial risk of failure.
For an Online Business it is cheaper, quicker, more accurate but still with a high risk of failure if you get it wrong.
So let’s start with Marketing. Far too big a subject for a single Blog Post so today I will just explore the first basic principle. Ask yourself this question: What is better for my Business, a Product with no Market or a Market with no Product?
Obvious? If it is not obvious to you then you are on a bit of a learning curve and should pay close attention to what I am saying.
Many Businesses have failed because the owner had a “Good Idea” for a product, spent a lot of time and money developing it then discovered that nobody wanted it. They had a product with no Market.
If you can find out what people are looking for, asking for, talking about and buying you have a potential Market. You then need to look at the products available to this market and determine if they are fulfilling the needs of the buyers. If the existing Products are inadequate, of poor quality, too expensive or in some cases do not exist at all then you have a potentially successful Business.
In the Offline world this basic piece of Market Research requires a big Budget. Fortunately, online it is quick, easy and usually free.
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