The Long Sell

Boring1Why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why……………………..
Do some sales Videos go on and on and on and on and on and on and on……………..
Wouldn’t you think that the vendor could explain all about their product in ten minutes or less!
I have seen sales videos that go in for fifteen, twenty even thirty minutes. Do they think that I am so unintelligent that I need to be told about the product in such great detail and in so many different ways?
Is their Product so complicated that it needs this much explanation? If it is it is probably going to be too complicated to be any use to me.
Is it that they are so excited about their wonderful Product that they just can’t stop talking about it?
Do they think that I have such a sad life that I will consider their presentation as entertainment and would happily spend all day watching it?
Has some “Guru” told them that “Longer is Better” and they are blindly following instructions?
Or do they have such big ego’s that they believe we are privileged to receive so much of their time?
probably a mixture of all these and some other reasons that I have not thought about but do you know which types of Sales Video I think are really the WORST kind?
It is the ones with no fast forward, no pause facility, and the price of the product is not revealed until the end of the presentation. I consider these to be an insult to my intelligence! I and I am sure both you and I, are quite capable of deciding within the first few minutes if something is of any interest or use to me and at that point I want to know the Price. This is why I seldom get past the first quarter of a long Sales Page before I scroll to the bottom to find out the price. If that information is not available without a half hour wait I simply do not buy the product.
There is only one more scenario that I think is EVEN WORSE! That is when an Affiliate produces a warm up page and subjects me to a Twenty Minute Video, then when I click on the link, go to the Vendor’s page and get yet another twenty minute Video. They are stealing my time!
There has got to be a better way.
Just as an afterthought. Has any vendor ever asked you why you did not buy their product?

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