Tony’s Troubles Part 1

Tony’sDisaster Law

If anything can go wrong it probably will but it’s usually your fault.

How silly can you get?

All I wanted to do was install WordPress on another domain that I have with a host that only does Shared Hosting.

I was having trouble getting it into a specific folder and after a couple of attempts I decided that it would be a good Idea to delete all the unwanted installations and start again, deleting WordPress takes ages by the way, there is a lot of stuff in there.

Anyway, deletion done I thought it would be a Good Idea. (Don’t you always groan when a friend says brightly “I’ve got a good idea”) To be neat and tidy I would delete the redundant Databases.

Databases deleted! Then my voyage of discovery began:

It seems that this host lists all the databases for all your Domains on one page. Yes! I had deleted ALL the databases for ALL of my WordPress sites including this Blog. No problem, I contacted the hosting company to ask if they could restore them. Yes. Which ones would I like restored? Here is the list. Which table is associated with which installation? I don’t know. Restore them all. Certainly sir, the first one is free then it’s $100 an hour.

This is when I decided to move the domain to D9 Hosting where I have a reseller account and can segregate all my sites.

This went really well and I installed a new WordPress installation at in no time.

Great! Now all I need to do is restore the files from a Backup (yes I had a backup thanks for the advice John) Re- installed the Backup Plugin, found the Zip file which I had downloaded to my computer. This will be easy.

Ooh no it won’t

The manual restore process was so complicated it would have been quicker to rewrite the whole Blog. If I wanted to do an automatic restore I would need to buy the Pro version.

OK I will, but Isn’t if funny how problems compound. The vendor was having problems with Pay Pal and I could not buy the upgrade.

I had one final recourse, the day before, I had exported an XML File. Using this I was able to restore all but one of my posts and all of my comments but not the customisation and the pictures and media.

It took me a day to get everything back to normal and the whole process had taken three days. But hey! Everything would be OK now.

Actually NO.

What else can go wrong?

I will tell you in Tony’s Troubles Part two in the next Post.

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