Tony’s Troubles Part Two I Finally Fixed My Blog

Fixing My BlogSo there I was quite pleased with myself having rebuilt my blog on a new Hosting Account following the self-inflicted crash and without a proper backup.

OK it took some time but I learned a few things.

I sat back to admire my handiwork, oh! Instead of my pictures and media there were these nice little boxes with a kiss in the corner, don’t you just love them? They really brighten up your page. I had re-uploaded all the pictures to the Media Library so where were they?

Eventually I worked it out, the pictures were there but the references had changed so I had to delete and re-insert all the Media into my Posts. Took a little while but now everything was fine. Then it occurred to me, if all the media references had changed this included the graphics for John’s Popover form in Aweber. So it’s off to Aweber to change those, twice as I also have the Popover installed on another domain to display permanently, this is useful if you have the one on your blog set to every seven days. Send prospects to the permanent one and they will always see it even if they leave and come back.

Then I re-installed Link Supercharger. Did you know that directories are case sensitive? Recommends is not the same as recommends. Yep, it’s back to Aweber to change all the links in my follow up series.

Great everything is working fine. Full of confidence and enthusiasm I installed a couple of extra plugins and an exit popup script.

Oh what a lovely Blog!

Well not quite, all my content had become centred it looked horrible. I deduced correctly that something was messing with the CSS but what and where?

Ask P2S Support they will tell me how to sort it. Their first advice was to go and ask Optimize Press. Hey I said why can’t you guys sort it you’re the experts. They tried then told me again to ask O.P. I was getting a bit fretful by this time and prolonged the agony with an exchange of not too well considered words with support. I never was very good at doing as I’m told!

Sorry Simon and Randy

In the end John had to calm me down.

Then I went and asked O.P. they fixed it in about ten seconds, it was a line of code in the Exit Popup script.

So now it’s all fixed, Until the next time I start messing about with stuff!


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