Upsell Follow Up and A Bonus Do you need them?

fruits-of-the-upsellIn Online Marketing we talk a lot about the Upsell, the Follow up and the Bonus.

Hi all you Online Marketers you may have seen this before but if so, it is worth reading again just to remind you of what it’s all about. This describes an almost perfect Upsell and Follow UP.

A Guy walks in to a Garden Centre to buy a packet of Grass Seed. He talks to the Salesperson and when he leaves he has:

A Packet of Grass Seed

A Hosepipe

A Lawn Sprinkler

A Grass Mower

Membership of the Garden Club

A Discount Voucher for his next purchase

A little Booklet extoling the virtues of their Own Brand Products.

Then come the Follow ups.

The next week in the post he gets an offer of a Maintenance Contract for the Mower. The following week a leaflet arrives from a local Garden Maintenance company offering gardening services.

A month later he gets a “Survey” asking how he feels about his experience and offering a Voucher if he recommends a friend.

A year later letter arrives from an insurance company offering an extended warranty for the Mower.

Throughout the year he receives Vouchers, Offers and gardening news as part of the Garden Club membership.

When He shops in the store he gets a free packet of seeds or a free Coffee in the restaurant. (Bonus)

And that, my friends, is an Upsell combined with a Follow Up and a Bonus that is hard to beat.

This is a very good sales model and most successful Businesses try to follow it to some degree. Points to note are these:

  1.  All the products and services are related.
  2.  The Follow up Products are designed to maintain his interest and create repeat business.
  3.  The Garden Centre will get commissions if he accepts any offers from the third party vendors.
  4.  He is Incentivised to refer more customers.
  5.  A casual shopper has been turned into a loyal and valued Customer.

What can we learn from this somewhat extreme example? Firstly, it is not as extreme as it may seem, as a keen Gardener I have actually experienced this in more than one Garden Centre and joined their “Garden Club. Secondly, all of the principles outlined above can translate perfectly into Online or Internet Marketing.

Use your imagination and you can come up with all sorts of Ideas for applying the principles to your Product or Service.

Now I want to ask you a serious question:

Question 1 Does or did the Garden Centre; Grow their own Grass Seed, manufacture Garden Equipment and Machinery, make their own Plastic Club Cards, write the software that makes the garden Club work, design print and deliver their vouchers and leaflets, own a Garden Maintenance company, or produce any other of the Goods and Services that they offer?

The answer if you have not guessed it is a BIG FAT NO!

What they do is SELL STUFF.

They do not manufacture anything. Even, or maybe I should say Especially their own brand products are created by specialist manufacturers, who then BRAND the products for the seller.

Question 2 Do you have the necessary Skills, Knowledge, Budget and above all TIME to do everything necessary to create a successful online Business?

That’ll be a no as well then. 😕

So what can you do:

Put all your efforts into creating one good product and try to sell it without an upsell or Follow Up Products?

Create a series of Follow up Products and Bonuses together with a Membership Site?

Outsource everything and hope that your Contractors get it right?

You need a lot of Skills, Money and Time and I am willing to bet you do not have an unlimited supply of at least one of those.

So what can you do? The answer is P.L.R. Cheap ready made products that you can modify, rebrand and sell very quickly.

I recommend you Get PLR Monthly

That’s enough for this post but don’t worry I am not going to leave you just hanging there I will be examining PLR in greater detail in my next few posts.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments leave a comment below and I will respond


All the best