What is an Online Business?

WebmoneyThe main purpose of my Blog Website is to help you to set up and operate your own Online Business, but what is an Online Business?

If you do a search you will find many definitions, and even more opinions, of what constitutes an Online Business. In the broadest sense any Business that makes its products or services available on the Internet can be considered an Online Business. That includes everybody from Amazon, EBay, Facebook, Walmart, your local Department Store, right down to little old You and Me.
It is obvious that we need to be a bit more specific when it comes to defining what the term means to people like us. That is where things get a bit tricky, it seems that every Marketer, Consultant, Product Creator, Affiliate and Online Entrepreneur has their own slightly different definition according to their own priorities and agenda. I guess we could say that you create your own definition to describe what an Online Business means to you.
For me it means a way of earning money using a Computer and the Internet without needing to leave my desk if I don’t want to. It has the potential to create what I call the “Perfect Business” which I define as having.

  • No Stock.
  • No Staff.
  • No Premises
  • No Overheads.
  • No Debts
  • No Delivery Costs.
  • Minimal Compliance Costs. (Health and Safety, Employment Law, Insurances etc.)

And above all the freedom to work as and when you want to.
Don’t get me wrong you still have to work, and work hard, to succeed and make money but how much money you make depends directly on the amount of work and effort you put in Without the external factors that I have listed above you get to keep more of the Profits. You can still make mistakes and lose money and there are still some external factors that can mess up your Business and hurt your Profits. We will explore these and what to do about them in due course, in the meantime you can minimise the risks by using the principles below.
Apply sound basic Business Principles.
Sell High Quality, in demand Products.
Be open, honest and ethical at all times.
Maintain close Customer Contact
Never stop Learning, not just about your Business and Products but in all aspects of your life. This is part of the Holistic Principle which I will be revealing to you over time.
Why not leave a comment and let me know what your definition of an Online Business is?
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To your Health, Wealth and Happiness.