What’s in a Name?

Smart TitleThat which we call a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet. William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet ca.1593.
But it won’t sell as well.
Today we are talking about one aspect of Branding, Product Branding. And just one small aspect of that.
The Title or Name of your Product.
How you name your Products is very important and can make the difference between mediocre sales and fantastic sales. Let me give you a couple of illustrations:

Here in England we have a popular Food Product it is Fish and it is called “Tempura Battered Bassa Fillets.” If the manufacturers had called it “Boneless Fish in Batter” would it sell as well? I think not.

I have a Book called “50 Ways to Make Google Love Your Website” By Steve Johnston & Liam Mc Gee ISBN 9781905211258. I recommend it, but if they had called it “Instructions for Getting Listed on Google” would I have been as likely to buy it?

The words that you use in the title of your product can either attract buyers, repel buyers or leave them neutral. Obviously you want to attract as many Buyers as possible so choose your words carefully. Here are some guidelines:
Use Emotive Words; Love, Care, Like, Attract, Amaze, Impress, Create. I am sure you can think of many more.
Use Power Words; Force, Enable, Insist, Subdue, Boost, Powerful, Premium.
Use Descriptive Words to convey a sense of a Superior Product; Carefully Written, Lovingly Prepared, Thoroughly Researched, Amazingly Simple. Popular Software, Ultimate Solution.
A Book about how to write good Blog Posts.
Obvious Title. “How to Write Good Blog Posts.”
Better Title. “The Ultimate Blogger”
Best Title. “The Ultimate Blogger’s Guide to Fame and Fortune”
Do not try to use too many of these techniques in a title, one or possibly two is plenty your title should be reasonably short and easy to remember.
There is a lot to be said on this subject, enough to fill a book in fact, I will probably write one soon and call it. “Tantalising Titles”
Unless of course you write one first, then I will have to Re-Brand mine, But that’s another subject.

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