Where is the Quality?

Where is the quality?

I am sick and tired of buying products that turn out to be poor quality and not worth even the admittedly low price that I paid for them.
Today’s Rant particularly concerns Instruction Videos. Yes, they fulfil the letter of the advertising on the sales page, they cover the topic they claim to teach you about, but.
Many of them, and I’ve got quite a few, are simply not good enough! Consider the following points.
Video Quality.
Grainy fuzzy pictures where you cannot read what is on the screen. Switch to full screen to try and get a better view and it’s even worse. Shots where you suddenly get a view of the presenter’s desktop when they accidentally hit the wrong key. Mouse moving all over the screen while he or she decides what to do next, do they really understand the program they are demonstrating? Long pauses when they are obviously a bit lost. Backtracks when they click the wrong links. You get the picture? Well actually you don’t, that’s what I am complaining about, bad pictures.
Audio Quality.
Really loud Intro Music that hurts your ears so you turn down the volume, then the presenters voice is too quiet. Presenters who mumble, cough, vary the distance from the Microphone so sometimes they are loud sometimes inaudible. Poorly prepared, or not prepared at all audio tracks full of Umms, Ahhs, long pauses, “sorry I’ll repeat that” I even had one where the Guy said “I’ll just pause this a minute while I let the dog out.” Background noises, dogs barking, police sirens, doors slamming even the Television on in the background. The whole thing just screams AMATURE.
Worst sin of all! Out of date content. If you are like me, you have the program or website that you wish to learn about open in one window and the Instruction Video open in another window beside it. You follow the instructions and click on the various links, sometimes you pause the video to catch up. Great this is going well I am actually learning something! Then you come to a page where everything is different. The program or site has upgraded and nothing is as the Instruction Video describes it. There are also hundreds of other ways that recommended links can mess you up, Links to free utilities that now have become paid sites, links to expired domains which now redirect you to porn sites, scams or viruses. I even had one link to the vendors site where he tries to sell me the very Instruction video that I was using.
What can you do? What I do is NEVER BUY FROM THAT VENDOR AGAIN however great his next offer looks.
When you are offering your own products never make the same mistakes as these vendors. Always ensure that your product is properly made, well presented and up to date.
If you have had similar experiences to mine why not post a comment and share them, do not name the vendors or specific products for obvious reasons. If you do I will edit them out anyway.