I Don't need no stupid #*#*#*# Consultant coming in here and telling me how to run my Business!

Nobody knows my Business better than me
and I am going to do it My Way


Specialising in Online Marketing

Why hire a Business Consultant?

There are of course, as many answers as there are Businesses and Business owners

But do you really need one?

Only YOU can decide if you need the help of a consultant
and it's no good asking ME!

There is obviously a good chance I will say Yes you do.

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Starting a Business is easy.

In the words of Dragons Den entrepreneur Duncan Bannantyne

“Anyone can do it.”

What is not so easy is making it succeed!

If you have been running a business for a while the first thing you will have realised is that it is not easy.
It is hard work, long hours and, at the beginning, little or no profit.

The second thing that slowly dawns on you as your business grows, is that; you can’t do it all yourself.
There at least twenty areas of involvement from Accountancy to Zero Hours Contracts that you, as a business owner, need at least a working knowledge of.
Within those areas there are literally hundreds of details which need to be addressed.

But how do you know which areas are the most important?

What will be the effect on your Business if you neglect them?
The obvious answer is. Don’t neglect them, hire people to do the work.

You don’t need a Consultant to tell you that!

There is just one small problem, the truth is...
The way your business is going at the moment.
You simply can’t afford it.
Talk about Catch 22 Eh!
Started with Nothing
If only there were someone you could turn to for help and guidance!
Knowing it was not going to cost you more than you can afford.

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"OK Tony I get what you are saying but,
What can you do for ME, and what's it going to cost me?"

Right then all you hopeful Millionaires this is what you get.

  1. Cost. You can start with as little as $100
  2. Take a look at your Business from a different perspective.
  3. Highlight areas that need to be focused on and those that can be attended to later.
  4. Suggest courses of action based on my 40 years of Business Knowledge and Experience.
  5. Show you how to Save Momey.
  6. Show you how to Make More Money.
  7. Point out possible future problems and suggest ways to avoid them.
  8. Access to my trusted Suppliers and Contractors who are Honest and Reputable.
  9. Discounts on many popular Software and Services that I have personally tested.
  10. If you are just getting started I can lead you through the whole process so you get it right first time.
  11. If you have got into "A bit of a Mess" I can help you sort it out.

In short wherever you are with your Business I can make a difference

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Affordable Payments. Monthly Payment option.

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$100 Units. One Unit= 1 Hour per Month

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Three twenty Minute sessions per Month.

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No Longterm Contract. Stop whenever you want.

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No interference in your Business, it's your Business, you do it your way.

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Flexible Contact Appointments.

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No Appointment contact option.

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Discounted access to recommended software and services

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Contact with reliable Contractors and Suppliers.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed.


"Your Tripple Lock Guarantee of Satisfaction?"

Guarantee 1


Seven Day cooling off period.

If, within the first seven days of purchase, you decide not to proceed for any reason to can request a full refund.

Guarantee 2


Satifaction Assessment.

If, after your first Consultation Session you decide that my way of doing things is not for you. Just contact me explaining your reasons, to arrange a full refund

Guarantee 3


Long Term Satisfaction.

Once we have worked together for a period of 1 Year, If you then believe that results have not been entirely satisfactory I will work with you for a further year Free of charge.


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The Lifeblood of your Business. You can have a brilliant, top quality, in demand product but without Marketing nobody knows you are there.
Without marketing all the internet traffic will go right past your door. If you can't or don't do the right Marketing you are nowhere!
So accept some help and advice from a Marketer with over 40 Years experience and make your Business take off and fly. Together we will do it.


Don't give up on your dream. Remember when you first had that idea for a great Business? All the excitement as you made plans and explored the posibilities. The sense of achievement when it all started to come together.
Then the sudden wake up to reality when things started to get tough. The hard work, the long hours, the sleepless nights. "Is it all worth it?" you started to think.
Well I want to tell you that it IS worth it and you CAN achieve your dream
All you need is a little help.